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Thygesen Vietnam Clothing Manufacturer is considered as the TOP #1 address for producing and distributing all kinds of clothes in the domestic market and exporting to Europe and America. There is a full range of protective clothing products, men’s and women’s underwear, children’s clothing, and many other costumes.

If you want to find a factory that produces a variety of clothes with good quality, at an affordable price. You should definitely go to Thygesen Vietnam. In this article, we will introduce you to detailed information about this brand.


Activewear Manufacturer

Activewear is also known as sportswear. This is a phrase that refers to clothing products that are designed with many cool designs, from fabrics that are easy to absorb sweat. It is worn by everyone when participating in fitness, sports and entertainment activities.
Typical factory performance clothing models include women’s tank tops, men’s tank tops, bras and leggings, jogger pants, trainer polo shirts, cotton jackets, and gym windbreaker jackets. , etc. for men and women. Ensure to serve the diverse needs of customers, not worry about being out of fashion, ensure long-term durability, quality worth the cost.
The active garment materials used by Clothing Manufacturer Thygesen are typically recycled fabrics. Typical such as bamboo fiber, hemp fiber, organic cotton, etc. Brings coolness, comfort to the wearer, suitable for exercise. In addition to special fabrics, dyeing chemicals must meet MSDS and OEKO-Tex standards.



Children’s Clothing




Underwear Manufacturing

Famous for its apparel products such as casual wear, casual shirts, medical wear, etc., but few people know, Thygesen Vietnam also manufactures men’s and women’s underwear and pajamas as a staple.

The materials we use are usually Cotton – Spandex, Bamboo, Tencel, Modal, Coolmax. W.ith the features of anti-odor, cool, good absorption and easy to antibacterial. Fabric dyeing chemicals are carefully selected by Thygesen, must meet safety requirements for users’ health. The dyeing process strictly complies with ISO. Ensure that the underwear models made are of high quality, beautiful designs, affordable prices for customers

Thygesen Vietnam’s typical men’s and women’s underwear products include: women’s bikinis, men’s boxers, women’s nightgowns, pajamas, women’s home wear, women’s panties, and many more.

thygesen-kidswear manufacturer

Kidswear Manufacturing

Thygesen’s children’s clothing is produced by high quality lines, modern machinery and technology and from special fabrics. We also distribute baby products, without intermediaries, so we can ensure reasonable prices for customers. Selecting a source of children’s clothing from the Vietnamese manufacturer Thygesen Clothing for business and wholesale is absolutely correct.

Fabrics developed and produced by the company such as Cotton – Spandex, Bamboo, Tencel, Modal, Coolmax all meet OEKO-tex 100 and CE standards. Because young children are often hyperactive, often run and jump, they need to wear cool, soft, and absorbent clothes. Chemical dyes for children’s clothing are also certified to be safe for the skin and environmentally friendly.

Some of the company’s key children’s clothing products can be mentioned as: animal jackets, boys and girls overalls, jumpsuits, pajamas, summer T-shirts, girls’ leggings

thygesen vietnam

Thygesen Vietnam’s 10 golden qualities

1. 30% cheaper than the market thanks to direct production
2. Premium quality with selected ingredients
3. Exquisite, sharp product
4. Top notch creativity, optimal usability
5. Fast progress, accurate, on time
6. Dedicated and professional customer care
7. In-depth consulting with a team of seasoned architects
8.One year warranty, lifetime maintenance
9. Free design, free construction when ordering furniture
10. Discount 10% when customers order 2nd time

Ms Ana
ceo of chanel

I am satisfied with the service quality of Thygesen Vietnam. From the time of contact with you to the completion of the construction. Especially at the design stage, architects grasp ideas very well. The staff is very professional, friendly and fun. The quality after finishing is quite good, I am very satisfied

Maria Angel
ceo of dior

Thygesen completion time is fast, service is good, the workers are very happy during construction. Have a sense of responsibility to the company. When they do, they carefully take care of the utensils available at my house, the design is different, in the long run, I don’t know. But now I’m very satisfied


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